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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nestled all snug in their beds

I like winter because during the winter I am not a gardening maniac.   That will come in April when I begin coaxing 50 heirloom tomato seedlings to thrive in my basement.    Winter means that I am trapped inside because I cannot breathe in the cold air outside.  Winter means that I can sew my heart out without feeling too guilty about it.

Unfortunately, winter also brings about a struggle against hibernation.   My four year old still wants me to sit next to him on his bed until he falls asleep.   In the summer, this poses no threat.  Now, however, the house is quite chilly and I find myself sticking my legs under his big blue comforter.  After the compulsory reading of at least two picture books, I settle down with a book or my iPhone and wait for the little wiggily one next to me to doze off.   If I get up too soon, he will startle awake, and I will be required to stay put for at least another twenty minutes.   During the summer, I am itching to get up.   Tonight...oh, what agony to get my legs out from under the warm comforter and into the cold air of our house.   I am still shivering and shaking!   

I long to stay under that cover and just drift off.  I won't give up my nighttime hours though.  These few hours between the boys' bedtime and my bedtime is uninterrupted time.  A hard-earned time.  After having a few years dealing with infant colic, toddler sleep apnea, and night terrors, this time is very precious indeed!   A couple of hours to actually piece one thought after another.  To actually be able to finish washing up the dishes in one go.  To get through a few chapters in a book.  To be able to sew until I want to stop.


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